Restaurant Employee Quits, Gives Boss The Finger, After Earning $362,259, and you’ll never believe how!

Amy Wallace of Macon, Georgia walked into work recently one of the poorest people in the building; four hours and a half shift later, she walked out one of the richest.

Since the breakup of her marriage two years ago single mom and part-time student Amy has been desperate to keep her head above water financially, while raising two small children by herself and attending community college.

Working odd hours at a fast-food chain for an overbearing boss left the 26-yr old constantly stressed out and feeling hopeless, but doing the best she could. “I’ve been wanting to get a better job in the food and beverage industry when I graduate but I could never go full time and it was taking me so long to finish.”

But during her day shift two weeks ago, it suddenly looked like Amy might be getting the last laugh, and keeping entirely different hours from now on.

While browsing Facebook on her lunch break, Amy came across an online bitcoin trading system looking for new testers of their beta version. With nothing to lose and 30 minutes of free time, she decided to try her luck. What happened 20 minutes later changed her life forever.

In one single try, Amy made one of the highest earning trades so far on BitcoinCode cashing out on $362,259 in a matter of 5 seconds. Earning over 20 times her annual salary on BitCoin meant Amy’s restaurant career had stopped on a dime.

“I just didn’t believe it at first,” Amy said.  “I thought it was some sick April Fool’s day joke my coworkers had played on me. It was until I hit the cash out button and saw the $362,259 number next to my name that I knew it was real.”

After some harsh words for her boss upon exiting, Amy hasn’t been seen at that particular restaurant since.

And while one of the bigger earners, Amy certainly isn’t the only one to cash out on BitcoinCode’s beta system. Since the testing fase began last month, over 2380 testers all over world have earned money from their $250 initial investment. However, it looks like the testing fase will be soon ending as the company has already paid out over $60,000,000 in total earnings in the last few weeks in 15 countries all over the world. The system has been proven now, and they will start charging people tens of thousands of dollars to join.

FoxNews24 news reporter Jane Linn also tried her hand at the BitcoinCode but sadly only walked away with a $1485 – you can’t always win as big as Amy sadly!”

Think this could be your lucky day too? Here’s that link to the same offer Amy used to change her life: click here to sign up for BitcoinCodeand they’ll even guarantee you $10.000! Hurry, as this offer ends midnight 30 August, 2017

Important – Things to remember

Minimum deposit:

For the system to work safely, it’s extremely important to have a big enough starting balance.The minimum you should start with is $250, this will allow you to claim your welcome bonus of $10.000. It sounds like quite a lot, but if you start with a smaller amount, you won’t be able to claim your $10.000 and if you’re unlucky, you might find yourself in a position where you can’t cover the required trade with what you have in the balance. I can’t stress this enough – some people think that by starting with a smaller deposit, they’re playing safe, but in actual fact, they’re creating an unnecessary risk. Having a bigger balance just in case you need it is insurance and very important if you want to use the system safely. See chart below.

dan tran 660.jpg

The chart above displays accurate data on earning percentage based on your first deposit. We’ve conducted numerous tests and gathered lots of information to come the following conclusion: The higher your first deposit, the higher your welcome bonus will be and consequently, the more chances you have to protect yourself from potential losses. If you look at the chart, your comfort zone should be on the “97.2%” column. 87% could also be effective, but to be safe and make the system as effective, I would recommend a first time deposit of $250 or above.

Top 6 Tips and Tricks From Previous BitcoinCode Earners

1. “Choose trades with the smallest risk. The bigger the risk the harder it is to hit, so you’re better off choosing a trade with a smaller risk.”

Brenda Wilkinson, Capetown

2. “Trade the highest denomination possible. Trade the highest denomination trade that you can afford, as these trades pay back at a higher percentage.”

Josh Kersch, Los Angeles

3. “Trade max credits. Most trades only pay profits and progressive earnings when the maximum credits are traded.”

Madeline Connor, London

4. “Know your limit. Set a “lose limit” and a “double my money” amount before you enter the trade. If you’re winning, stop when you have doubled your initial amount.”

Steve Kosiak, Warsaw

5. “Pocket any earnings you earn. Trade only with the money from your initial bankroll; that way, you won’t walk away empty-handed.”

Michelle Barkano, Phoenix

6. “Join the club. Join the Bitcoin clubs if you are trading at BitcoinCode, or take advantage of bonus money “$ 250 FREE” offerings that online services give to their loyal customers.”

Nicholas Brandt, San Francisco

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